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Demonstrating Culinary Expertise in Every Dish
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Demonstrating Culinary Expertise in Every Dish

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Do your best in everything you do is a phrase you have been hearing through the course of your childhood -- the moment when the people around see beaming potential and greatness in you. Alongside your dreams, it kept you motivated not only to constantly raise the bar but more importantly to pour in hearts in your passion and interests. The art of culinary practices this principle, too, through every dish that demonstrates skills and expertise.

Appetite is in the eyes of the beholder

People gravitating toward mouthwatering food make aesthetic and presentation critical to every chef. Amplified even more at this digital age when people practically eat with their eyes and cameras first before their mouth and utensils. Artistry in food need not to be overwhelming fancy with volumes of exquisite spices or expensive ingredients. It entails advancing customer appetite through attentive details, balance of shade and texture, and beautiful plating techniques to initialize a memorable dining experience.  

Love at first bite

A chef’s unmatched craftsmanship is sealed in the taste of his creations meticulously prepared in the kitchen served to the dining table. This is when first bite happens that always determines if food should go any farther from the mouth or never to be tasted again. First impression lasts. Hence it is imperative to satisfy taste buds cravings by understanding the complexity of flavours and its combinations because the quest for delicious food will continue to challenge a chef’s precision and interpretation.

Five-star approval

Chef’s do have cravings too, and that is the thumbs up from diners who find their dishes satisfyingly delicious. Nothing delights more than seeing pleased customers as this indicates that chefs did an excellent job. The love for good food makes cooking one of the most rewarding services in the world.

Perfecting a dish entails intensive training and supervision. Let the top culinary school in the country help you do your best in showcase your skills by translating them to the food you prepare. With more than 100 years of world-class mastery in the food and beverage industry, First Gourmet Academy provides curriculum to hone your interest for the art. Visit us at 2/F Capitol Greenstreet Building, Capitol Hills Dr, Old Balara, Quezon City 1119. You may also reach us through +632 951 9655, +639082592639, and